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LS-980 WCDMA Wireless visual telephone

LS-980 WCDMA 3G wireless visual phone 

brand: Si Na 

type: LS-980 WCDMA

Product features
Working mode: 850/1900/2100MHz HSDPA/UMTS
850/900/1800/1900MHz EDEG/GPRS/GSM
Peak power: 2 W
Static power consumption: less than 80mA/1350Ma, launched less than 600 mA
Support for high quality voice services (EFR, FR, HR, encoding);
Support emergency call service;
Support caller ID, call transfer, call waiting, call hold, three party calls, etc.;
Short message function: fixed phone memory and SIM card
Phone book: wireless fixed phone memory and SIM card;
DTMF two support;
User personalized volume settings;
Support for chord calls ring tones;
LCD display: 128 x 64 dot matrix, provide LCD display backlight function;
TNC antenna interface: indoor antenna, integrated antenna (optional);
Receiving sensitivity: better than -103dBm;
To provide a battery, the battery is not enough and there is AC power, can automatically charge the battery.
Provide a variety of security solutions, such as the lock screen, lock card, card, such as lock, etc. (optional).
Power interface: single core connector
Appearance size (L x H WX): 225 mm x 215 mm x 72 mm
SIM card interface: standard 6 SIM PIN card interface
Power specification: switching power supply DC:5.00V 0.8A, AC:100V~240V
External interface: USB, for data configuration
Location: flat or wall
Rechargeable battery: lithium battery capacity: 720mAh 3.6V (1000 mAh optional)
Typical talk time: (according to the network environment and set) 2.5 hours (battery capacity of 720 mAh), 4 hours (battery capacity 1000 mAh
Typical standby time: (according to the network environment and set) 72 hours (battery capacity 720 mAh), 90 hours (battery capacity 1000 mAh)
Working environment relative humidity: 5%~ 95% working temperature: -10 ~ +45, storage temperature: -20 ~ +60

Product function

L supports short message sending and receiving functions.
L phone book records can be stored in the wireless fixed desk memory or SIM card. You can be a single telephone directory records from fixed wireless memory copy to SIM card memory, or from the SIM memory copy to fixed wireless memory.

L chord ring tones built in 5 tones, which can be chosen.

Supplementary service
Support for a variety of supplementary services, such as: call waiting, call forwarding, three party calls, caller ID, call restrictions, etc.. Requires network support and the opening of the corresponding functions.

Customizable items

Black and white two colors can be customized, silk screen content can be customized.

Hardware specifications
Technical standard 3GWCDMA
Working band
(900M) up: 880MHz ~ 915 MHz;
Down: 925MHz ~ 960MHz
(1800M) up: 1710MHz ~ 1785MHz;
Down: 1805MHz ~ 1880MHz
External interface
USB, for data configuration.
TNC antenna interface: can be installed indoor antenna.
Integrated antenna (optional).
Power interface: single core connector
SIM card interface: standard 6 SIM PIN card interface
Maximum transmit power
Receiving sensitivity
Better than -103dBm
Power supply specification
Switching power supply
0.8A, DC:5.00V
Rechargeable battery
Type: lithium battery
Capacity: 1000mAh 3.6V (1200mAh optional)
Typical talk time: (depending on the network environment)
2.5 hours (battery capacity 1000mAh)
4 hours (battery capacity 1200mAh)
Typical standby time: (depending on the network environment)
72 hours (battery capacity 1000mAh)
90 hours (battery capacity 1200mAh)
Dimensions (L x WXH)
430mm x 375mm x 420mm
Weight (including battery)
Below 1000g (including battery)
LCD display
128 * 64 dot matrix
Working temperature: -10 ~ +45
Storage temperature: -20 ~ +60
Working environment relative humidity
5%~ 95%
Placement method
Flat or hanging