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LS-1238 Fixed wireless terminals

LS-1238 GSM wireless platform terminal
Brand: Thinking
Model: LS-1238

Product overview
LS-1238 (GSM dual band) wireless access fixed station is a kind of wireless fixed voice and data access device using GSM technology. It can provide fixed wireless telephone communication service and data service in GSM network.
Can provide wireless and cable shared use the fixed terminal, terminal routing, 1 ~ 16 bit selection can set a group of 32 number automatic routing, convenient for the user to use. The machine the imported high-performance GSM module: continuous work is 10, 000 hours without fault, language
Sound very clear Philips technology chip module as a transceiver module, receiving signal sensitivity, a clear call machine adopts strict process, work stable performance for a long time.

Typical application
1 in the city to build a wireless public telephone system, the establishment of a fixed telephone booth, to carry out a public telephone service.
. in the public transport, such as train, bus, taxi, cruise ships and other traffic in the area of public telephone services carried out to solve the communication needs of travelers.
3. With IC card wireless access fixed station / network intelligent wireless access fixed station, coin operated telephone used together, can unattended telephone system.
4 Application in the highway as a emergency communications phone, quickly informed of the traffic accident and thus quickly deal with traffic accidents.
5 Application in the vast rural areas, mountainous areas, island and other communication lines difficult, temporary places, cable phone failed to reach the remote areas or places to address the public's temporary communication needs.
6 in flood control headquarters, mountain fire and other fields of cooperation for emergency communication means, quickly informed of the disaster situation, to reduce the disaster.
7 use in the office, can be set at any number of cable channels or wireless access.
Terminal wireless access fixed station function
Use the GSM mobile phone SIM card, suggesting the online dial tone, tone, with inverse polarity, then charging device or use computer for billing.
Main technical index
Working mode: 900MHZ/1800 MHZ GSM
Static power consumption: less than 80mA/1350Ma, launched less than 600 mA
Sensitivity: dB -104
Internal voltage: 5C/12V DC / 1 A
Ambient temperature: -10, +40
Working humidity: 45% ~ 90% (no dew conditions)
Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106 Pka
Environmental noise: dB <60
Antenna gain: 2dB
AC power supply: 220V AC 110V/ 10%, frequency 50Hz/60Hz;
Power connector: China, the United States, the United States, the European Union, Australia (designated by the user)
Weight: 230g/Pcs
Color: Black (other colors optional)
Connection mode: RJ-11 phone line socket
Antenna connection: SMA antenna connector,
Day line: 3M suction cup antenna (optional)
Installation of wireless access fixed station
SIM card installation.
1 open the battery cover and insert the SIM card into the SIM card on the printed circuit board; fasten the SIM card flip;
2 good wireless access fixed platform deck bottom cover.
Note: to fasten the SIM card flip, to ensure good contact SIM card.
Telephone connection
Take one of the two core with the crystal head of the phone line, one end of the access to the ordinary telephone, the other end of the access to the wireless access to the back of the PHONE socket. And the phone away from the fixed station, so as not to talk radio frequency signal to interference telephone. Otherwise, it will produce strong noise and other PSTN connected on the telephone line.
Note: both ends with the first crystal telephone lines are inserted in place, and can be heard "clicking" sound.
External antenna connection
Connect the SMA head of the antenna to the antenna head on the back of the antenna;
Charging connection
Using telephone special billing and billing line end is inserted into the wireless access fixed station dedicated port, the meter line on the other end is inserted into the meter line mouth.
Power supply connection
Insert the special power supply cord of the wireless access to the 110V/220V AC power outlet.
Operation use

Subscriber dialing
1 lift the handle, hear the dial tone after start dialing;
2. Dial automatically according to the user set number automatic routing, if the user is not connected to the PSTN cable, fixed table will automatically detect, dialed number will automatically take the cable channel.
3 other hook incoming call;
4 handle back end call landline.

Users receive calls.
Wireless access fixed station issued a ringing tone; telephone caller ID number (network support); off hook user enter call state; the handle back plane over the phone